Erik Tengholm Quintet - Album teaser

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Tengholm Ullberg Big Band - Blue and Green With a Touch of Brown

Soon released by TengTones

Mainland Jazz Collective, Moanin'



Photo: Elvira Glänte


Photo: Johan Tengholm


Photo: Palli Kristmundsson


Photo: Johan Tengholm


Photo: Johan Tengholm


Photo: Roger Schwalbe







Photo: Mats Blomberg




Photo: Johan Tengholm




Photo: Kenth Wångklev






Photo: Johan Tengholm


Erik can be heard on plenty of albums. Here's a selection of the recordings.

To order a copy (CD or MP3 download link), send an email to or contact the record label or artist.

Together with his bass playing brother Johan Tengholm, Erik runs a new record label, TengTones, which will release several albums this autumn. Visit for more info.

Erik Tengholm Quintet

Stories From the Club, TengTones 2021

Buy album here

Mainland Jazz Collective 

Slobodan's Puzzle, TengTones 2022

The Messenger, 2019

Crimson Red, 2017

Mimmi and the Original Blue

"excuse me, but this is my place!", TengTones 2021

Leon Falk Satchmo Tribute

Just Another Satchmo Tribute, 2018

Marína Ósk Quartet

One Evening In July, TengTones 2022

Jakob Klang

Pathways, AMP 2022

Sebastian Jonsson (Mattebo)

Journey On the Styx, 2020

Emil Ingmar

Karlavagnen, Prophone Naxos 2020

Tomas Sjödell Quintet

When the Sky Turns Grey, 2019

Sanna Ruohoniemi

Start From Nothing, Eclipse Music, 2018

Ulf Andersson Quintet

Turdus Merula, PB7 2021

Ekdahl Bagge Band, Georg Riedel

Dance Music (Live at Fasching), Ladybird 2021

Bohuslän Big Band

Chasin' the Bird, Prophone Naxos 2021

Norrbotten Big Band, Göran Strandberg

Going North, Prophone Naxos 2019