Erik Tengholm

Trumpet player



Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

"This ingenuity and boldness is also manifested in the versatility that characterizes Erik's profile, where all musical styles are represented in Erik's glowing performance - all the way from Satchmo's iconic trumpet, via bebop to the modern trumpet idioms of today."

Jazz Club Fasching Society


New artistic director of

Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

On May 6, it was officially announced that Erik takes over as the new artistic director of Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra after honorary doctor Ulf Johansson Werre, who retires from the position after leading the the band for 20 years. The orchestra is a big band connected to Uppsala University, performing at open concerts, events, releasing albums, and has its basis in Musicum, Uppsala.

Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

Albums available

Listen and order at Erik's Bandcamp page

Tengholm Ullberg Big Band

Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown

"It is melodic big band jazz, performed with warmth and elegance. It swings without getting hasty. Especially impressive is Erik Tengholm's almost 20 minute long Africa Suite. The suite is strikingly well cohesive, filled with nuances and melodic ideas. On top of that is fine ensemble playing and nice solistic performances." - Orkesterjournalen/JAZZ

Erik Tengholm Quintet

Stories From the Club

"You can hear in every note that it comes from the heart and that the musicians are passionate about the music. So get it from Tengtones Records if you like nice fiery jazz. The CD grabbed me because the music is full of intensiveness and power." -, Germany

Public live performances


29/6 - Siberian Hotheads (piano), Norrtälje jazzdagas


1-8/7 - Performing and teaching at Visingsö jazz courses

16/7 - Mimmi and the Original Blue, Herräng Dance Camp

17/7 - Hans Loelv Trio, Picnic i Parken, Eskilstuna

18/7 - Siberian Hotheads, Herräng Dance Camp

19/7 - Hornsgatan Ramblers, Herräng Dance Camp

20/7 - Jazz i Vikene, Arvika

26/7 - Daniel Lantz, Katalin, Uppsala


1/8 - Trio with Andreas Hellkvist & Jojo Djeridi, Sävja kyrka, Uppsala

7/8 - Mainland Jazz Collective, Hablingbo Crêperie, Gotland

8/8 - Mainland Jazz Collective, Lars Gullin Museum, Sanda, Gotland

9/8 - Mainland Jazz Collective, Hablingbo Magazin1, Gotland

16/8 - Ekdahl Bagge Big Band, Stockholms Kulturfestival

20/8 - Trio with Gustav Lundgren & Johan Tengholm, Artilleriet, Stockholm

23/8 - Olle Risenfors Lannér Band, Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm

29/8 - Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra, Welcoming gala, Uppsala University Hall

30/8 - Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra, Welcoming gala, Uppsala University Hall

30/8 - Tilde Schweitzer Big Band, Skeppsholmen Jazz Festival, Stockholm


6/9 - Livejazzbaren, Uplands Nation, Uppsala

7/9 - Tilde Schweitzer Big Band, Fasching, Stockholm

22/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Östersund

23/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Sundsvall

24/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Bollnäs

25/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Härnösand

26/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Umeå

27/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Örnsköldsvik

28/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Piteå

29/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Gävle

30/9 - Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Fasching, Stockholm


11/10 - Stockholm Hot Seven, Izmir Swing, Turkey

12/10 - Stockholm Hot Seven, Izmir Swing, Turkey

16/10 - Sand med Band, Scalateatern, Stockholm

24-27/10 - Performing and teaching at jazz course in Rättvik

30/10 - Ekdahö Bagge Big Band, Söderhamn

31/10 - Ekdahl Bagge Big Band, Scalateatern, Stockholm