Erik Tengholm was born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1996. From a very early age, he was exposed to the records of some of the greatest jazz artists, such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald, and has been completely attached to the music since then.

Erik started his studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 2015 and quickly became very active on the Swedish jazz scene. Today, Erik is working with many of the top jazz musicians and bands in Sweden as a trumpet player, band leader, composer, arranger and piano player. Occationally, Erik is hired as a guest soloist with different big bands. However, jazz is not the only genre Erik plays. He regularly plays classical music and pop at funerals, church events and weddings. 

Two albums has been released under Erik's name. The first one with his quintet, Stories From the Club came in 2021, and the second with his big band Tengholm Ullberg Big Band, Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown, was reelased in 2023.

In 2021, Erik founded together with his double bass playing brother Johan Tengholm, record label TengTones. About 20 albums has been released since the start of the label. More info at

Erik is also a popular teacher, working with students at all levels on the trumpet, improvisation, ensemble playing, arranging and piano.

In 2024, Erik was selected as the new artistic director of Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra after honorary doctor Ulf Johansson Werre, who retires from the position after leading the the band for 20 years. The orchestra is a big band connected to Uppsala University, performing at open concerts, events, releasing albums, and has its basis in Musicum, Uppsala.

Erik has been awarded several prizes, such as Jazz Club Fasching Society Scholarship, Louis Armstrong Award, Ola Carlsson Scholarship and Bengt Säve-Söderbergh Scholarship.

Below, you'll find a selection of the different bands and projects Erik is working with.

Bands and projects

Erik Tengholm Quintet

A smoking hot jazz quintet consisting of some of Erik's favorite jazz players in Sweden. With this band, Erik released his debut album, Stories From the Club, which is getting great reviews:

"You can hear that every note comes from the heart and the musicians passion for the music" -

"Frisk och luftig musik. Fylld av framåtlutad munterhet och ett uns av fräckhet [...] En riktigt bra platta totalt sett." - Orkesterjournalen/Jazz

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Johan Christoffersson, saxophone

Mattias Lindberg, piano

Johan Tengholm, double bass

Jonas Bäckman, drums

Tengholm Ullberg Big Band

This band was formed at the Royal College of Music and thus consists of the youngest generation of top jazz musicians in Sweden. The leaders, Erik and trombone player and arranger Lars Ullberg put the band together as an examination project. After a couple of more praised concerts outside of the conservatory, there was no doubt that the band had to make an album record out of the music. TUBB went into the studio in November 2020 and the result can be heard on the new album, Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown, which was released in January 2023.

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Sebastian Mattebo, Leonard Werme, Björn Bäckström, Samuel Muntlin, Emma Josefsson - reeds

Isac Åberg, Max Stark, Linnea Jonsson, Emma Granstam - trumpets

Lars Ullberg, Agnes Darelid, Hannes Junestav, Simon Skogh - trombones

Mattias Olofsson, guitar

Anna Gréta Sigurdardóttir, piano

Johan Tengholm, double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums

Jesper Söderqvist, vibraphone

Lovisa Jennervall, vocals


Photo: Björn Arkö

Mainland Jazz Collective

Jazz sextet formed in 2015, inspired by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. More info at

Leonard Werme, saxophone

Hannes Junestav, trombone

Mikael Wilhelmsson, piano

Johan Tengholm, double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums

Photo: Elvira Glänte

Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Uppsala University's own big band was founded in 2004 by Ulf Johansson Werre, who led the band for 20 years. In 2024, Erik was selected as the new artistic director of the band, as Ulf retired from the position. The orchestra consists of students and employees at Uppsala University, and performs regularly in Uppsala, often with different guest artists, and tours and releases albums occasionally.

Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

Mimmi and the Original Blue

Swing band based in Stockholm, fronted by singer and super star swing dancer Mimmi Gunnarsson Bringlöv. The band has a unique touch with the classic swing music of the 30's and early 40's, playing both standard tunes from the era and original music written in the same style. Debut album with the band, excuse me, but this is my place!, was released on September 18, 2021.

Album teaser

Mimmi Gunnarsson Bringlöv, vocals

Björn Bäckström, saxophone/clarinet

Jonny Ek, piano

Johan Tengholm, double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums


Photo: Sakarias Larsson

Leon Falk Satchmo Tribute

A Louis Armstrong tribute band, with an instrumental formation identical to the Louis Armstrong Hot Five band - trumpet/cornet, clarinet, trombone, banjo and piano. More info at

Leon Falk, trombone/vocals

Adam Falk, clarinet/saxophone

Uno Dvärby, banjo

Sara Karkkonen, piano

Kindred Souls

Jazz quintet formed in 2019 by drummer Jonas Bäckman as a tribute to the late great Roy Hargrove, focusing on Hargrove's music from the 90's. After a series of gigs and a bunch of newly composed tunes by the band members, eventually the band developed it's own unique sound.

Sebastian Mattebo, saxophone

Britta Virves, piano

Jon Henriksson, double bass

Jonas Bäckman, drums

Erik Tengholm Swing Time

A band that is specialized on swing dance music, and plays regularly at Stockholm's main swing dance scene, Chicago. The band consists of different musicians depending on the situation.

Tengholm 2

A duo constellation with brother Johan Tengholm on double bass. Currently working on an album to be released in 2024, which also will feature a bunch of guest artists. 

Photo: Noa Lundgren

Hellkvist/Tengholm/Johansson Werre

In this intimate trio setting, Andreas Hellkvist, who usually plays the hammond organ, treats the piano and bass pedals. The group formed in 2020 during corona pandemic and gathered around a wide repertoire of jazz, funk, latin rhythms and everything in between.


Andreas Hellkvist, piano and bass pedals

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums


Stockholm Hot 7

This hard swinging septet lead by guitar player Pål Nyberg is specialized on the Duke Ellington repertoire, all the way from the 20's to the 60's. The band plays transcribed and adapted arrangements from Ellington's repertoire as well as new original arrangements by the members of the band, in the same style. Their album Yeet's Blues was released in November 2023.

Axel Mårdsjö, alto and baritone saxophone 

Linus Lindblom, tenor saxophone and clarinet

Hampus Adami, trombone

Pål Nyberg, guitar

Jon Henriksson, double bass

Jonas Bäckman, drums


A party band that only plays the very best hits in the history of pop music. 

Matilda Edgren, lead vocals

Truls Ingvoldstad, trumpet and choir

Amalia Lundholm, saxophone and choir

Oscar Olsén, guitar and choir

Jonny Ek, keys and choir

Joel Hulander, bass and choir

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums and choir

Ekdahl Bagge Big Band



Sebastian Jonsson (Mattebo) Journey On the Styx


Lovisa Jennervall Wind Ensemble


Swingharmonic Orchestra



Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia


Ulf Johansson Werre Dixie Nouveaux


Lönnkrogen Orchestra

Brooklyn Funk Essentials


James Bradley Junior Quartet

Leif Kronlund Orchestra